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Preamble to the Constitution

The Signing Statement

[In order to encourage responsible citizenship and the exercise of individual and corporate responsibility on the part of students in the government of student affairs and activities, Stanford University, by approval of this Constitution, authorizes the Associated Students of Stanford University to exercise and discharge major privileges and responsibilities within the framework of policies and regulations established by the University through the President of the University and the Board of Trustees.]1)


We, the students of Stanford University, in order to advance our interests, define our responsibilities and to provide for our meaningful participation in the governance of the University, do hereby associate and establish this Constitution. Having received the acceptance of the University and the Board of Trustees, this Constitution shall be respected by University officials, faculty and staff in their dealings with students of the University.

1) Inserted as a condition of acceptance of the Spring 1996 Constitutional Amendments in the May 10, 1996 Letter of Acceptance, and subsequently ratified by the Association legislative bodies. See Appendix A, Sections 9 and 12 for details.
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